Several tourist attractions which are over-hyped

The world is full of interesting places which people wish to witness firsthand. Sadly not all popular tourist destinations and attractions live up to their fame. Here are some of the most overhyped places that travelers still visit by the number.




Las Vegas Strip




The Las Vegas Strip runs for an estimate of seven kilometers and is internationally known for its immense concentration of luxurious hotels, casinos and boutiques. According to various researches fifteen of the largest hotels in the world are situated on the Strip. This means that the site is overcrowded and doesn’t have much to offer to visitors who aren’t into gambling or can’t afford to stay at an ultra-expensive and luxurious hotel. Even more, once you get off the Last Vegas Strip you will instantly realise that the city hasn’t anything less to offer to its guests. Still, one must admit the night panorama of the Strip is quite amazing.




Dublin’s Temple Bar




This public house was founded in 1840 and is named after a famous Dublin area which is situated on the south bank of Liffey River. While the district has plenty to offer to its visitors such as Dublin Castle or the remains of a 7th century Viking settlement, the pub doesn’t live up to its fame. Overcrowded with tourists, one cannot get fully submerged into the Irish bar culture, and the high prices don’t help either. So, instead of losing valuable time and money to get into an overly packed public house, you should simply walk to a nearby less popular and much more authentic pub and order true Irish ale, and spend some quality time which you will remember for the long run.


Blue Grotto




The Blue Grotto is a sea cave which is situated on the beautiful Italian island of Capri. The cavern is over 50 meters long and approximately 150 metres deep. While the cave and its deep blue water are undeniably beautiful it is the overpriced boat trip and the possibility for bad weather that ruin the experience. Just the slightest change in the wind may give cause for the local authorities to suspend access to the Blue Grotto, and unpleasant scenario to which numerous tourists have fallen victim. Still, you may be lucky and end up exploring the world famous Capri sea cave.


Loch Ness




Situated in the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness is a large, freshwater and deep lake which is allegedly the home of a marine monster. It is one of Scotland’s most visited touristic destinations despite the fact that nobody has ever seen the maritime creature. Given the fact that Scotland is home to several mind blowing places of interest such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Skye, For William and Glencoe, Arran and more, it is probably for the best if you choose another Scottish site to spend your vacation. On the other hand is you are still interested into trying to spot the legendary Lock Ness Monster, you can always rent a car and have a short road trip to the lake.


The Great Egyptian Pyramids




The pyramids are synonymous with Egypt and the ancient world. The Great Pyramid of Giza for example is the only of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World which has survived throughout the centuries. It was built during the rule of the 4th Dynasty of Egypt (2613 to 2494 BC) and is approximately 139 metres tall. It is because of these facts and more that people book come to Egypt. Sadly, very few of them are genuinely impressed by the pyramids, including the Great Pyramid of Giza as the structure have long lost their curb appeal and are literally falling apart due to poor maintenance by the local authorities. Furthermore they are currently off-limits which means that the only thing that you can do, is to sit in front of them, take a few pictures and return to your hotel.


London Eye




The British capital is currently the most visited city on the planet for a myriad of reasons but the London Eye shouldn’t be one of them. Considered a main London landmark, the London Eye is nothing more than a giant Ferris wheel which dominates the city’s skyline and provides breathtaking views. Given the fact that the city boosts a large number of historical sites and monuments, museums, theatres and open spaces, there are much better things to do than ride a Ferris wheel during your free time in the English capital while movers are helping you to go through a hassle free office relocation in London.


The Empire State Building Observation Deck




The Empire State Building is New York’s most emblematic edifice which is why it is one of the city’s most visited landmarks. The truth however is that its observation deck offers a very limited view of New York’s most iconic sites and the fact that it is constantly over-crowded will only add to your disappointment. This is why you should opt to visit the viewing platform of the Rockefeller Centre. The deck will allow you to take marvelous pictures of the New York cityscape and see from above several notable landmarks such as Central Park, Chrysler Building and of course the Empire State Building.






Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England and is one of the country’s most famous tourist attractions despite the fact that nobody to this day can determined what was the site’s purpose. While the stone arraignment is impressive and the numerous mystical stories surrounding Stonehenge are intriguing the sad truth is that the noise from the nearby highway and the protective fence surrounding the site are true buzz killers. Keep in mind that Stonehenge isn’t the only site of its kind in the United Kingdom and you can rest assured that the other are equally impressive. Here are some of Britain’s more interesting stone circles:




o   Callanish Stones


o   Rollright Stones


o   Machrie Moor


o   Arbor Low


o   Nine Laides


o   Castlerigg