Why London is the city of the future

Welcome to one of the largest, most vibrant and fast developing cities in the world. London has been the capital of England for many centuries now, and as such it has always been on the forefront of the innovations and developments in all aspects of human life and civilization:


1)      Technology


2)      Commerce


3)      Culture

Today many people consider London to be a rather expensive and hectic place, thus it is deemed undesirable to settle down here. Even though those are pretty valid concerns, the truth is that in London you are going to find the best opportunities to develop yourself in all respects, both at work and in your personal life. All in all, London is as good a city to live in as they come in Britain. If that was not the case, those over eight million current residents of the capital at the present moment would have been looking for cost efficient man with vans services in London to help them get out of the city. In reality however, the population of the metropolis is rising every year in a steady pace, thus putting it on the map of the largest cities in the world.


So, what makes London this great?



The economic landscape



Even though London is notorious for being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, it is the place of the largest and most thriving economic activity too. So, you have a chance to find a well paid job that is going to cover your expenses completely while you advance on the corporate ladder until finding yourself on top of your respective field. In terms of annual turnover, London has been on top of every list you can think of in the past decades. The City accounts for much of the profits that are being made in the capital, but the recently built second commercial heart of the city and former site of the West India Docks Canary Wharf is establishing itself as another major global player on the economic scene. There is literally no big international corporation in any sector that is not based or well represented in London. If you want to work in a company that is on the top of your industry of choice, the best chance you have for that is in London.



The infrastructure



Yes, rent and property prices in London are high, but you can cut back expenses by getting a place in some of the cheaper suburbs and commute to work, even in the heart of the city. Many people do that and this is not as stressful and exhausting as it may sound. London has one of the best developed public transport infrastructures in the Western World. The railway was introduced in London in the middle of the 19th century and millions of people use it to move around every year. The Tube came around several decades later, first in North London, and more recently additional stations are being opened in the South too. It will take you much less than an hour in order to reach from one point of the metropolitan area to another, so your daily commute is not going to be much of a problem either.






London is home to some of the finest further education institutions in the country, both colleges and universities. Those include University College London, London School of Economics, the Imperial College, Kingston University, the Central School of Speech and Drama and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to name just a few.

The City itself



Even if things like accommodated commutes and career opportunities are not enough to prove to you that London is indeed one of the best places in the world to live in, then the city itself should do the job. For example, did you know that:



·         London is the greenest European capital with more than a quarter of its whole metropolitan area being covered by open green spaces.


·         London is the leading cultural hub in Europe. Londoners have acquired tastes for high culture that simply make life so much more enjoyable. Need stats to imagine what we are talking about? For the last several years, continuously, more theatre tickets have been bought in London than for matches of the Premiership League. And even though London is traditionally related to theatre at least since the time of Shakespeare, there is also the opera, tons of galleries, museums and other art venues that would definitely live up to your tastes and preferences.


·         London is a multi-cultural place. There are people from all over the world living here, forming communities that embody all that is good about the age of globalization. You can actually travel around the planet without ever leaving the boundaries of London.


·         There is something for everyone here. If you want lively and exciting night life – just drop by Soho, which has recently began to recover its reputation as the most fun place to be in the capital once the sun goes down. There are tons of nice garden suburbs and more traditional typical suburbia, along with all the peace and quiet that come with them both in North and South London. The London Zoo is the oldest and biggest zoo in Europe. And of course, there are the sports, on both amateur and professional level – rugby, tennis, football, cricket, rowing and so much more.



London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. People come here to see Buckingham Palace, The London Eye and Westminster Abbey, to check out Chinatown and all the other hundreds of popular attractions that are scattered across the territory of this huge metropolis. But London is becoming more and more suitable as a place of residence for anyone looking to make the best out of oneself. So if you are wondering if it is the right place for you, the answer is yes.




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