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It is absolutely clear that we keep spending more and more time online. The Internet has given us a whole new dimension where we present ourselves in a certain manner. It has given us a secondary life where we live it however we find suitable. We are able to do whatever we wish and act in a way that we like. It is still a very “young” space and law and regulations find it tough to control. Legislation needs to work harder and harder in order to come up with norms so that can prevent not only online crimes, but other negative actions as well. Such actions are aggression, abusive behaviour, illegal propaganda and organising questionable group activities such as riots. There are many more destructive things that people can achieve only with words on the Internet. The number of Internet crimes has increased steadily throughout the Western world.


Kids have access to online forums and computer games where they talk with a number of unknown people. They read all sorts of language and some games even allow you to speak with others during gameplay. While this has a positive effect on a child’s communication skills and maturation in a social environment it can also start affecting its attitude in a negative way. Children start using bad language or lose self-esteem if they get yelled at by other players. This will then be conveyed to their “real” life where they need to interact with teachers, friends, parents, coaches etc.


Furthermore it is easy to become a so called “hater” if you stay in touch with the wrong people online. Because of all the ideas and perceptions that people have and the freedom to express them that the Internet provides kids can easily be manipulated into losing the clear perspective of good and bad. Youngsters form their opinions easily and sometimes they stop thinking straight. Thanks to some individuals’ influence they start “hating” on certain social groups and calling them names too. It is really hard to teach them tolerance afterwards. They start updating their social media statuses and adding photos with questionable content. This, however, might have a resonating effect later on in life.


Adults can make their own decisions and can be immune to such aggression or propaganda online but let’s not forget that there is no age restriction on using the World Wide Web. Because of that younger people can easily be led to believe in things and act in a certain way. This is all fine during their school days but as they grow up, they will look for jobs and will be ready to start building their future. It needs to be clarified that business owners and larger companies take online activities very seriously and will perhaps look into your online image. And this image needs to be impeccable if you are looking to either get a job or save your position at a firm.


Many people with good professions make the mistake to upload controversial comments to social networks or add unbecoming photos. This contradicts their social status and affects the image of the whole company they work for. They can get in trouble easily because let’s not forget that the HR departments also use social networks and can monitor your every move online. You need to get familiar with the contract you’ve signed with your employer before you start posting ridiculous photos from the office or talking about “how stupid the work process” established by the team leaders is. If the image of the business you work for is hurt by your public actions then you might breach your contract and end up looking for a new job. History has seen many examples of that.


There’s one thing that might be even more important. And that’s when you head and run your own business. You want to have decent activity and presence on social media because it might earn you more clients and money respectively but you want to also play it safe. If you are trying to found a reliable company doing removals in London and turn it into a working machine then you need to clear your Facebook page of all the party and fun photos you might have. Moving companies in particular interact with people directly and try to be as familiar and as friendly to customers as possible. You being the boss of this removal firm need to have a welcoming profile page with family photos and perhaps some posts from the time you visited Paris for example. But if you add explicit content along with some statuses where you “hate” on singers, actors, TV shows or even the competition of your business you risk losing a portion of your clients.


The same goes for other profession which are considered prudent. Teaches can use social media in a number of ways:



·         To organise classes


·         To organise group activities


·         To share last minute changes to lessons and homework


·         Provide help to students from a distance


·         Talk to parents



This automatically means that if you are a teacher you will have children and parents visiting your profile page non-stop. You will be under constant scrutiny and you simply must act accordingly. All of your drinking college photos should be removed and probably deleted for good. Refrain from sharing political thoughts and arguing with people regarding social matters. Share funny things that won’t offend anyone. People love a good laugh and intelligent humor is always something that makes a good impression.



If you manage to keep your statuses under control and sound like an adult you should have no problems in your professional life. On the other hand if you compromise yourself it is easy for people to put a label on you and deem you unworthy. Try to be friendly and funny and good things await you.


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